Connecting to NrG Web Highway via the Internet

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First of all we need to know what type of user you are. We have divided this document by user-type providing all the instructions you need to access NrG Web Highway across the public Internet depending on your individual situation. Select the option which best describes you:

  • New or Different PC - currently access NrG Web Highway but never used the service on this PC
  • New User - never before accessed NrG Web Highway

As well, you will want to review Known Internet Connectivity Issues.

New or Different PC

If you have been accessing NrG Web Highway from a dedicated machine, and because of the introduction of our Internet capability you are perhaps connecting from a PC located at home or another location, you will need to:

New User

If you have never before accessed NrG Web Highway you need to:

  • Follow the Setup Instructions to download the required plug-in to run NrG Web Highway.
  • Read the Known Internet Connectivity Issues section to help you understand any problems you may have connecting via the Internet.
  • Call the NrG Help Desk to discover what training and support options are available to you.

Known Internet Connectivity Issues

NrG Web Highway is developed using Web technologies. This means that some of our modules as well as the log on and pipeline picker screens are built in HTML but the transactional modules are built in the Java development language. In order to run the transactional modules you will need to access the Java plug-in. Some organizations, for security reasons, do not allow browsers to access Java plug-ins. If this is the case with your organization you may be unable to access the transactional modules such as Nominations and Confirmations.

What may happen is that on selecting a transactional module from the menu e.g. Nominations, a message will display indicating that you are unable to connect. Contact your IT department and request them to work with NrG personnel to establish the required connectivity to run NrG Web Highway over the Internet. In this way we will be sure to address any concerns your IT department may have in this regard.

Help is at hand . . .

So, we've documented what we believe to be the likely scenarios but you find you still can't get things to work how you would wish. Go no further - pick up the phone and call our support staff who will remove any potential frustration and ensure you are a happy customer. Call the NrG Help Desk at 1.877.920.PIPE (7473) or 920.PIPE (7473) in Calgary, and briefly explain your problem. Either the NrG Help Desk staff will be able to offer immediate assistance or direct your call to our second level support team.

Updated February 4, 2005