Located in Calgary, Alberta - the headquarters of Canada's Energy Industry - NrG Information Services Inc. is recognized as a North American leader in providing innovative electronic business solutions for the natural gas industry. Through a number of service offerings, NrG already provides shippers with full electronic business solutions facilitating the transition from the traditional method of nominating by telephone and fax, to an electronic service.

Incorporated on April 1, 1995, NrG is the result of a vision shared by three of North America's leading natural gas pipelines. Their goal was to develop and employ standards within their services that would allow their customers - shippers of natural gas or their agents - to conduct business electronically. Today NrG has realized that vision by providing electronic business services to over 1000 shipper companies.

Our unique relationship with pipelines and their customers has provided us with extra insight into the real requirements of both the pipeline industry and its customers. This advantage has given NrG a strong foundation from which to develop services to fit a range of user needs.

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Updated 10/03/01